Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall 8hrs 2014

Not a cloud in the sky!  Beauty day for the Black Fly's on another great course up at Hardwood Hills.  The race started out with a false flat of double track before dipping into a bit of singletrack.  That was followed by a couple of k's of twisty turns on a packed down type field.  Back into the singletrack with the only climb before the final 2km hammerfest back to the finish line.  Out of 17 teams, we were in 4th and 5th for most of the day.  With 3 laps to go and over 5 minutes off the podium we eventually worked our way to only 31 seconds from 3rd place.  One more lap would've probably done it!

Mitch, Marty, ChrissyB, Pyzer, Lamey, Cam

Hello Mr. John Cicada!

ChrissyB finishing it off!

Crank the Shield 2014

Apparently, Adam (and Tyson) enjoyed spending 14+hrs racing their bikes in the 3 stage Crank the Shield this year.  Warriors. 

Adam Hiking-A-Biking

Summer of Don Riding

Arguably one of the best trail systems out there right in our city:  The Don Valley.  Many of us have been riding these trails for over 10+ years and have seen them evolve over time.  But what has happened in the last 2-3 years has been an explosion of new trails, many of them linked together, and with lots of different degrees of difficulty.  And with some hilarious names:  The Ridge, Catalyst, Party Atmosphere, Rim Job, Big Old Titties, Gundy, Foreplay, Ho Chi Mingh, Climbax, The Ejaculator, Boo Trail, Mo Town, Flats.  Trust me, there's more.


From the top of Catalyst

The Lookout

Pyzer and ChrissyB

Lamey, Ian, Stitt and Marty

24hrs of Summer Solstice

Camp life

Gonna have to think back as I'm posting this at the end of September as the race was in June.

What happened?
I remember doing the pre-ride on the Friday night, hanging out around the campfire with Cam, ChrissyB, Tyson, Drew and a pretty cool night of sleeping considering it was the start of summer and the longest day of the year.

In the morning, the rest of the crew joined us:  Adam, Will, Mitch, Lamey, Hazer, and Pyzer.
We even had family support this year with Brenda, Justin, Nathan, Jet & Caelen camping out with the team.

It got really hot during the daytime with little to no breeze.

As far as the race went, everyone performed amazing (what else is new?) and the team flirted with a top 10 finish before eventually settling on 11th place out of 116 teams.  By far the best 24hrs result we've ever had for the club!

Proof that I attempted Chico's Mud Bog! (@ 0:20)  Almost made it through: Click here

More team pics courtesy of Apex Race Photograph.  Click here