Monday, October 02, 2017

Fall 8hrs

Hardwood Hills.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Summer Epic 8 Hour Mountain Bike Relay, July 15 2017

Hardwood Hills Ski and Bike

Adam and I both rode as solo entrants repping the Black Fly colours, and I think we did the team well.

Conditions were sketchy at first, with moisture from the previous day's rain making the course quite slippery, but after a few hours of sunshine, it dried out to a more civilized level. With temperatures feeling to be around the high 20s, it was hot, but not quite as stifling as last year's humidity slugfest.

As usual, our man Adam killed it with 12 laps completed. He's a trail monster, and a humble one at that. Way to crank it out, Adam!

At some point in the afternoon I thought I'd be able to hit the 10 lap mark, but it wasn't in the cards. I finished with 9. My back was killing me after 4 laps, and I found myself wishing I'd been riding a full-suspension bike. I love riding a hard tail, but on longer runs like this one, it's murder on this 40+ dude (or, -50, depending on your perspective).

Overall, it was a great day of racing. If you're thinking of riding solo, I think this is the one to do it in, as it's likely the least attended of all the relay races.

Until next time!

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Spring 8hrs


Sunday, September 25, 2016

Fall 8hrs

Hardwood Hills.

The last MTB race of 2016 was a beauty!  Great racing temps, sunny skies, and good company made the day aweome.  Not to mention a fun course.  We also welcomed a new Black Fly to the squad, Arjen who fit in perfectly with the team.  Looking forward to more races next year! We had two 5-6 Person teams and both gave it their all and finished 4th and 7th outta 13 teams.  However, the race highlight of the day and perhaps of Black Fly Racing's 12 year history was Adam, competing in the Solo 40-49 category.  Adam finished in 9th place out of 31 competitors in 13 laps.  That's 130km's in under 8hrs.  Amazing.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Dairy Capital Stampede

Woodstock.  Under cool yet sunny sky's, 4 BlackFly's entered what could be a new fixture on the race calender.  Adam, Stephen, Cam and Marty twisted and turned through the mostly flat course at the Pines, near Woodstock.  We came in a very respectable 6th out of 18 teams but most importantly had a great time doing it.

results: http://georesults.racemine.com/Woodstock-Cycling-Club/events/2016/dairy-capital-stampede/results

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

2016 Summer Solstice

Gonna need that chip.

Monday, May 09, 2016

Spring 8 Hours


The team

Cam coming down the final hill

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Paris Ancaster 2016

The beginning of spring comes with another P2A.  This honest, brutal and utterly painful event seems to be in our blood.  Someone associated with the different incarnations of our club has participated in Paris-Ancaster's every year since 2004.  This year we had ChrissyB and Drew racing the full 70km distance while Adam, Cam, JonH and Marty raced the much more humane 40km.  No matter what, the climb is still hard.  For 12 years, I've gotten up that climb without having to walk, an achievement I've always been proud of.  Well, this year my streak came to an end as the spasm's in my legs forced me off my machine.  Hill 1, Marty 0.  See you next year.






Monday, June 22, 2015

24hrs of Summer Solstice 2015

The Black Fly's participated in the 18th annual Summer Solstice this weekend along with nearly 2000 other racers.  They were calling for rain at least on Sunday morning but that luckily didn't happen.  A little sprinkle is all we got!

Cam, ChrissyB, Mitch and Marty stayed over Friday night to do some reconnaissance on the course and basically update everyone: "It's a good course, quick, with a minimal amount of climbing.  Only towards the end do the hills come.  A little longer than usual at 18k's but it goes by pretty fast.  You'll like it."

There was 1 mechanical when Adam burped his tubeless tire off on his 1st night lap and 1 physical as Marty came down with a stomach issue and was able to do only one lap.  Bad timing. 
Pyzer and Lamey were as consistent as ever and new Black Fly JonH completed his first actual MTB race and produced some very quick times.  Next upgrade: clipless pedals, Jon!  Brenda used her new bike and seemed to enjoy herself as she had a rather large smile on her face after both laps. :)

As far as results go, the team finished in a very strong 23rd place out of over 100 teams in the 10 person category!  What else is new? 

Adam starting us off

Chip exchange between Lamey & Brenda

Off she goes!

The Lost Boys

Monday, May 11, 2015

Spring 8hrs 2015

Introducing the 2015 Intense Cycles Epic 8 Hour Relay 5-6 Person Champs: 

Dean, ChrissyB, Cam, Adam and Mitch!

Way to go fellas, you crushed it!

Our other 6 person team of Pyzer, Lamey, Muller, Fox, Tony and Pete finished with a strong top 10 performance with 8th place out of 12 teams.

Our mixed team of new Black Fly's Stephen and Jenn and old Black Fly's Marty and Brenda pulled out a 2nd place finish out of 9 teams.  Double podium!

The 10km course was very challenging with the usual slog of a climb from the start line, a whole bunch of twisty singletrack before we were met with a series of steep hills, one named the Wall of Pain, before a new technical descent into the finish area.

Mitch and Marty at the start


Mixed Team 2nd place!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Paris Ancaster 2015

The 40km St. George start was ridden by Marty, Adam, Stitt and Foxy (who was making his first appearance since 2007) under clear sky's and a solid racing temperature of 10 degrees. 

At the 1st intersection in St. George, the marshal mistakenly directed the lead group, which contained Marty and Adam to go the wrong direction.  2km's and about 4 minutes later they were able to re-join with the race.  Way to go professional police officer!

Adam & Marty finished the race in 9th & 14th positions respectively and Stitt & Fox competed very well against a field full of cyclocross and 29ers MTB bikes.

Over at the 70km Paris-Ancaster, part time Black Fly Stephen cracked the top 100 while Mitch and previous Black Fly Jody had very strong results as well.  ChrissyB inaugurated his 2015 season with an under 3hr race and the Drew-man spent an epic 4hrs, 16mins on the course.

Nice work everyone!

Marty at the St. George start.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Durham Forest

October 2014.  A little late season mid-week trip to the legendary trails of Durham Forest.

Ian & Marty

Monday, March 16, 2015

Winter riding... in the Don!

I took the plunge this winter and got myself a Fat Bike, the KHS 3000.  I first took it out when the Don was frozen in mid January but before we got dumped with snow.  It held up nicely over the frozen terrain and over the ice patches.   However, ice is ice and it doesn't matter how wide your tires are, you still can slip and slide.  Off-camber sections were a bit dicey too.

The true test was after our 1st blizzard and to be more accurate after that snow had gotten packed down from hikers, snowshoes and a few brave cyclists.  What a blast!!!  The traction held up very well, climbing was no major issue and descending was slower, but doable.  I was able to ride all the main Don singletrack trails that we ride in the summer.  It actually feels a bit softer mainly because all the roots and rocks are covered with snow. 

Winter riding generally sucks because of the cold but this made it fun again.  Also you're mountain biking and not as much in the open so you don't get quite as cold anyways.

For the 1st time, probably ever, I'm kinda looking forward to next winter. 

Canadian winter pastime

Lower Don
Lower Don close-up

Heading towards Loblaws

Even Brenda came out and had some fun