Monday, September 27, 2010

The Squeezer 2010

(We forgot our camera so if anyone has pics, please share them!)
We had perfect conditions yesterday for the Squeezer!  The temp was about 15 degrees and the course was dry as a bone.   It very well could have been one of the nicest cross-country courses I've ever raced on. 
We had 11 Black Fly's racing with JohnL, ChrisB and Hazer doing the event for the 1st time and all were smiling at the end.  Too bad Foxy broke his frame the day before. :(   Time for titanium, buddy!
Black Fly Racing 2 (The Rurals) came in 9th overall and had it not been for a mis-registration Black Fly Racing 1 (The Urbans) would have also top 10'd it.
Despite her last 500m to go crash, Brenda still came in 8th in her Women 30-39 category.
The worst thing about The Squeezer is we have to wait 6 months until the next race.
Maybe we can find something in October...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Grand Prix Cycliste de Montréal

We have to organize a trip to this thing next year!  As cyclists and cycling fans (and sports fans in general) attending a pro bicycle race is a pretty cool thing.  You might only see them every 15 minutes or so but I can picture us all hanging out on the course, maybe sitting in our camping chairs, and cheering on the lads as they climb past us.  Then we'll head down to the finish line and watch the end drama. 

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Blackfly B-Boyz

Presenting the Blackfly B-Boyz (missing Ian unfortunately).

2010 Hot August Nights was certainly hot this year....but not as hot as this crew! Unfortunately Ian had already headed home by the time we got our act together to take this photo. Next year, team phot before the race starts! 13th place in the Corporate Team category is not too shabby either. With a plate number of 169 I think it was "mathed" out for us ahead of time!